Hi, I'm Sheila.

I'm a writer and writing coach
who helps business owners like you
write amazing emails that have their
subscribers checking their inboxes for more.

Our Mission

Encourage and uplift every writer in the world.*
Elevate the voices of values-driven businesses that serve.

*If you have something to say, you're a writer.

I believe that what we do in the world matters

I am a writer, journalist, editor, writing coach, and teacher who collaborates with writers and business owners.

I have worked with thousands of students over more than 20 years as a mathematics professor, a teacher of yoga and meditation, and a writing coach and published well over a hundred articles on a wide range of subjects from technical mathematics to football, whiskey, and public health.

As a Ph.D. mathematician specializing in the mathematical study of infinity, I taught at University of Colorado, Boulder, West Point, and City University of New York. A professional teacher and analytic thinker, I offer thoughtful organization and exercises, clear communication, and powerful mindset work in every course I teach.

To be a business owner is to have a vision for how to serve the world. I help people develop their vision and the voice to bring that vision to the world.

I chose to leave academia for the big blue sky of Northern New Mexico, where I now live, write, and rock climb.

woman sitting in front of canyon at sunset